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Proof of Alienable and Disposable Character of the Property

In 1978, Andres Valiente sold a parcel of land to respondents Jose and Perla Castuera (Spouses Castuera). On 21 May 2003, the Spouses Castuera filed with the RTC an application for original registration of title over the property. The Spouses Castuera presented three witnesses as well as documentary evidence which includes tax receipts and an […]

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Period Within Which to File an Action for Reconveyance By Persons In Possession of the Subject Property

The petitioner claimed to have purchased a 2. 7360-hectare agricultural land from his father Jose Campit in 1977. On the other hand, respondents claimed to be the rightful owners of the subject property, as earlier adjudged by the court in Civil Case decided on June 12, 1961, and in Civil Case decided on August 8, […]

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Requisites of Petition to Quiet Title

Petitioners and respondents are siblings. Their parents, who had already passed away in 1999, were the owners of the subject property covered by Transfer Certificate Title (TCT) No. 318717. Sometime in 2002, respondent siblings brought an action for partition against petitioners which was dismissed byt the RTC for failure of the parties, as well as […]

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Payment of Earnest Money Prior To Acceptance Of Offer Does Not Perfect A Contract of Sale

Petitioner First Optima Realty Corporation is a domestic corporation engaged in the real estate business. It is the registered owner of a parcel of land with improvements located in Pasay City, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title (the subject property). Respondent Securitron Security Services, Inc., a domestic corporation with offices located beside the subject property, […]

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