West Highlands Residential and Golf Estates



West Highlands Residential and Golf Estates is Butuan city’s first high-end, luxury subdivision. It is situated in Barangay Bonbon, and most lots can range from 180-323 square meters. Like Xavier Estates, it is placed at an uptown location in the city as it has an overlooking view of Butuan. However, despite its location, West Highlands is actually only a 5km drive to all major establishments, allowing it to be quite a convenient location.

Here are some reasons why West Highlands can be your ideal home:

  • Perfect for golf enthusiasts. Anyone who is fond of golf may have always dreamed of having a house on a golf course. That dream can become a reality in West Highlands, which has a 9-hole golf course! It is actually the first subdivision in Butuan City to have such a facility, potentially making it a dream come true for golf fans in the city. Having a house here means you do not necessarily have to travel very far to play a nice game of golf!
  • Well-secured community. Here, the safety of the residents is always a high priority – strict security measures 24 hours a day is imposed.
  • Flood free area. It is nestled on an elevation that is 298 feet above sea level. At West Highlands, you will not have to worry about floods, because you are in a place that is high enough and completely safe.

West Highlands is now selling lots only. It offers lots cuts starting at 224 sq.m for as low as P8,960/sqm depending on the location.

Sample Computation:

  • Total Contract Price: ₱2,007,040
  • Reservation Fee: ₱50,000
  • 30% downpayment:  ₱602,112
    • Less 10% discount: ₱60,211
    • Less Reservation: ₱50,000
    • Total Downpayment: ₱491,901 payable within 30 days from Reservation
  • 70% of P1,404,9128 payable in 24 months (interest-free) at ₱58,538.67/month

For reservation, financing schemes and more details, feel free to message me.

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