Forest Lake Memorial Park Cagayan de Oro

Php890 per month for 5 years


Great news!!! The premiere memorial park in the city, Forest Lake Memorial Park Cagayan de Oro  offers “Low Downpayment and Flexible Payment Scheme” promo.

Pay the downpayment for as low as P834/month for 12 months. Followed by only P890/month straight (for 5 years) or avail the discounted Spotcash price (P42,500) instead of P54,000.

Known as “A Better Place” Forest Lake aims to be the top of mind neighborhood memorial park in the Philippines where generations of family memories are treasured, immortalized and celebrated by the living, while upholding its values of Service, Value Creation, Quality, Innovation and Professionalism.

The Forest Lake brand has since become recognized as an institution with memorial parks in the Philippines found all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Remember, vehicle owners don’t look forward to getting a flat tire, but they carry a spare tire just the same. Over 90% of our customers who bought ahead of need also feels the same way. But they bought one just the same.

Yes, you don’t need a memorial lot at the moment. But like a spare tire, you never know when you’ll need it. Buying today spares your loved ones future financial troubles. So why pass the burden to them when you can take care of it now? Handle things ahead of need. It’s more affordable too.

Protect your family future financial burdens. Avail this limited promo for as low as P890/month!!! Call us now

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