Eternal Gardens – Greenhills Memorial Lot

Php734 per month for 5 years


Over 90% of our customers bought their lot way #ahead of need, why? Because
*They don’t want to pass financial burden to their family.
*Memorial lots always cost less today than in the future.
*It’s more affordable to buy on installment basis today.
*Memorial lots are real need products (everybody dies).
*It’s a good investment too.

Join the 90% who made the right #choice. Buy ahead of need!!!

Protect your family from future financial burdens for as low as P734/month (5 years) or avail the discounted Spotcash price (P40,000), single internment.

You may also avail our Garden & Family Estate spotcash packages:
1. Garden (4 lots) – P205,000
2. Family (16 lots) – P598,000
3. Family (32 lots) – P1,185,000

Message or call us for more details.


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