How to Succeed As A Part-Time Real Estate Agent

How to Succeed As A Part-Time Real Estate Agent – Some successful realtors believe that selling real estate part-time is one of the reasons why some agents fail. But this premise may not be necessarily true, especially for some people who started in the business part-time and then spiraled to their success in the real estate industry. Such is the inspiring success story of Josephine ‘Joy’ Oco, General Manager of their own real estate marketing firm, SeanKirsten Realty. Ms. Joy initially worked as a government employee and because of the need to augment her income, she was lured into part-time real estate selling. Eventually, her earnings from her part-time job surpassed that of her regular income, so she decided to shift her career to real estate.

The story of Joy is just one of many. In your life as a real estate agent, you surely have encountered brokers and agents who are doing well with just their part-time real estate careers. Besides, in the current economic times where regular office job salaries are often not enough for your growing family, part-time real estate selling can be a good source of lucrative income. But how do you really become successful in doing this? Consider these pointers that can help you become successful in your real estate career even while you work on it part-time.

Evaluate Time Demands Versus What You Can Spare

If it is your first time to be a part-time real estate agent, it is important that you first secure your full-time job because this is the one that gives you a stable income. Real estate selling can be equally demanding of your time, but you will not want to lose your job for some conflicts of time that can go out of hand if unmanaged. Determine how much time your present job requires, then allocate how much of your spare time you can use for your real estate schedule. Set aside a total number of hours you will spend each week for this endeavor—such as 15 hours a week or so. Work religiously on this schedule. Some part-time real estate agents fail because they do not give it enough time to grow the business.

Connect with the Right Networks

As a part-time agent, you will need the support of networks like brokers and real estate agents. Do your research of what real estate projects you are interested to sell, and then find out the marketing arm of these developers to be able to connect with them. Brokers provide you with the necessary training and mentoring, and even the marketing paraphernalia you will need. Some projects also require accreditation in selling their products, and being attached to an accredited broker will give you the access and credibility to sell the project.

Cultivate Agent-to-Agent Partnerships

One best advice from a successful realtor is to be part of a sales team or partner with a full-time agent. Since working part-time may have constraints on your schedule when you service your clients, it is a good idea to work with someone who can do it full-time. You will initially need to agree on a commission split, but it can make your workload lighter with someone sharing the responsibilities.

Invest in Learning New Technologies in Real Estate Marketing

Remember that your ultimate goal is to find success in what can be an alternative career so take the time to learn and develop yourself. Take advantage of new marketing technologies and lead generation tools on the internet like by creating a Facebook Real Estate Page or using Google Ads. There are also a lot of real estate seminars offered by credible real estate experts like the ones offered by the Lamudi Academy. For someone who works part-time, the internet can provide you with valuable tools that can make your job easier.

Part-Time All the Time Can Work

Being a part-timer in real estate sales is not an excuse for not succeeding in the field. Some agents fail because they are indifferent—treating the job just as a part-time thing that they only attend to occasionally or when an opportunity comes to them. Changing this frame of mind can be key. Likewise, it should not mean that you will minimize your service quality and your efforts. Treat it as a serious job, and continue to grow it and you will see that it can eventually be a rewarding career.

Real estate selling is opportunity-based. You will earn more and succeed if you work hard, but you have to capture these opportunities. For the part-time sales agent, capturing these opportunities mean investing their time and efforts. They will need to master strategies that will allow them to work efficiently and productively on both their full-time and part-time jobs. Sources: Rochester Real Estate Blog, Inquirer, The Close, The Balance SMB | Lamudi Academy | Image: Sapphire Skies

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