Why Get A Real Estate Broker or Agent?

If you are going to buy a house, you have two choices. The first is that you can ride around neighborhoods that you like and look for “for sale” signs and ask details directly from the owner itself. However, most properties nowadays with “for sale” signs are listed by a broker. If already listed. then you can call the broker that has listed the house and ask for details as well as site visit. The broker will be thrilled to show you the property as he or she represents the seller and will get full commission if you decide to purchase the house. This can work well in your favor as you can offer less based on that premise. This is because brokers make a deal with the seller that if they (seller) sell the house themselves, they get less or no commission.

In addition to possibly getting a better deal on the house, the plus side to doing it this way is that you get to see the outside of the home and the area in which the home lies.

The negative aspect of this way of doing things is that gasoline is expensive and you can spend a lot of time looking at homes that already have contracts on them. The “sold” sign does not usually go up until a few days before closing, if at all. Some brokers want you to call on the house so that they can sell you something else.

Another negative aspect of this way of looking for a house is that some people do not want “for sale” signs going up in the yard. Some people are very odd about their neighbors “questioning” them about the price of the home (even though this is easy to gain access to and the sale price is actually public knowledge). It also sometimes takes the agent a few days to put the sign on the lawn. You are actually missing out on the newest properties.

When choosing a real estate broker/agent as a buyer, choose one that you like and who will be ready to show you a house at a moment’s notice. If you don’t have anybody in mind, you may look them online. You can have more than one broker looking for you, too. You are under no obligation to the broker as a buyer. You may think that, because you chose the broker and that he or she is so friendly to you, taking you to see all these homes and acting like your best friend, that they work for you. Wrong, they work for the seller. Your real estate broker or agent does not have your best interest at heart – they are in this to help the seller. This is their job and they don’t get any money unless they sell a house. They get a commission off of the sale of the home so it is in their best interest that you buy the house as much as possible..

Pick a nice real estate broker/agent who is available, but do your own homework on properties. Do not rely on the broker/agent to “find the best deal” for you. Again, they are not only there to help and facilitate the sale but also they want to get a real estate commission.

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