Become One With Nature at Adelaida Park Residences

ADELAIDA PARK RESIDENCES is the only residential subdivision in the region with a Ridgeview linear park. The linear park is 410 meters in length, with park lights along the jogging/bicycle path.

It features single houses sufficiently spaced from eacAh other with its own parking space; a gated community complete with a 4-inch solid concrete fence along the road and a ranch-type perimeter fence; and a proposed pavilion. Accessibility is not a problem, the subdivision is located in Upper Balulang, just 3-kilometers drive to major commercial centers, schools and churches. The area is certified flood-free with an elevation of 157 feet above river bank.

Wake up to all things bright and beautiful at Adelaida Park Residences where you will witness the early morning fog embracing the verdant mountains, the river running beneath, and the birds chirping on your windows.

Take a walk in the Ridgeview linear park in the early evenings and feel the cool breeze against your face. Take time to watch the lights in the boulevard. Sit by the bench and just allow time to pass by.
Become one with nature….. just steps from your new home.


  • Ridgeview linear park
  • Single House
  • Gated Community
  • Parking space
  • Wide main roads
  • Elevation of 157 feet above river bank
  • 10 minutes drive to major commercial establishments, churches and schools.


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